About service-ident

Identify the user listening on a remote TCP/IP port.

service-ident allows users to identify the user account listening on a remote TCP/IP port, given that the remote system is running an Ident server that isn't configured to hide this information.

service-ident helps system administrators verify that their Ident server isn't disclosing more information than necessary.


service-ident can be compiled and installed using Rust's package manager cargo(1).

cargo install --path .


service-ident can be run as follows:

service-ident <host> <post> [ident-port [ident-host]]

The program accepts the following arguments:

  • host: the remote host to connect to (required)
  • port: the remote port to connect on (required)
  • ident-port: the Ident port to connect on (defaults to 113)
  • ident-host: the Ident host to connect to (defaults to the remote host)

The following two examples are equivalent:

service-ident example.com 80
service-ident example.com 80 113 example.com